[cutting] New year, new chapter for responsible investment | Investment Magazine

Following that 2016 consultation, we [the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment network of investors] have prioritised the nine key obstacles we will focus on in our work in 2017:

  1. Short-term investment objectives
  2. Attention to beneficiary interests
  3. Policymaker influence on markets
  4. Capture of government policy by vested interests
  5. Influence of brokers, ratings agencies, advisers and consultants on investment decisions
  6. Principal-agent relationships in the investment chain
  7. Cultures of financialisation and rent-seeking in market actors
  8. Investment incentives misaligned with sustainable economic development
  9. Investor processes, practices, capacities and competencies

—Fiona Reynolds, managing director of the Principles for Responsible Investment

Source: investmentmagazine.com.au/2017/02/new-year-new-chapter-for-responsible-investment/