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PRI-TIIP presents: A framework for a sustainable financial system ►

As part of the PRI’s 10-year Responsible Investment Blueprint, we will be co-hosting an event in New York with The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) to launch our Sustainable Financial System programme.

This event will focus on discussing key barriers to investor awareness of systemic risk, and identifying the most useful actions that signatories and stakeholders can take to promote and support a sustainable financial system.

About the programme:

The Sustainable Financial System (SFS) programme aims to bridge the gap between the financial system of today and the sustainable financial system of tomorrow. The SFS programme will address the risk and challenges that undermine financial system sustainability by putting in place a series of steps that will lead to change – with a particular focus on institutional investors and the intermediated investment chain.

TIIP is a natural partner for the PRI on our SFS programme – they are a financial research organisation that helps institutional investors understand the big picture, or “systems-level,” context of their portfolio-level decisions. Systems-level events, such as economic crises, ecosystems under stress, and societies in turmoil can disrupt the best-laid plans of investors and cost them dearly.

Ahead of the event, we spoke with TIIP’s CEO Steve Lydenberg and President and COO Bill Burckart. Click here to read the Q&A.